E-mail de José María Aznar

Dear Mrs. Bhalla:

Ai have read yor letter and ai am not very glad. Pero nada, nada glad. Why you laugh at me? Ai am the king of de world! Cant’t yu si dat? Ai was the president of Spain, the gratest countri in de world, joder! And, de most importan zing: ai am a friend of Bush. Eh? Are you acojonating, a que sí?

Ai can’t stand this sample of cachondation. What’s that? Ai demand yor explanaition immediately or ai call to my friend, Condolezza and she bombardei yu right now. Eh, would yu like it?

In yor letters yu say ai am an extremist. An extremist? Are you joking? Ai am a man of pis. Well, not pis like when yu go to the toilet. Do yu know what ai mean? Ja,ja,ja. Pis like the contrary of war. Ai want the pis for everybody, well except for the reds, the nacionalists, the gays, the antitaurins, the Barça’s players, ZP… Oh, ZP what a devil!

And in yor mails you say, but in a cachondation way, that you like muy hair. It’s real! It’s my hair! I bet my moustache that your husband is like a ball of billar. Ja,ja,ja. But du you know what ai say: go away Mrs Bhalla , go away!!! You have a ball bat ai have a Bottle an shis very important. Go away, coñation!!!


Mr. Aznar (Ansar in de United States)


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